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The Town of Daniels, Maryland

  • Daniels Factory Building ca. 1968
    Daniels Factory Building ca. 1968
  • Elysville-Daniels View from Hill
    Elysville-Daniels View from Hill
  • Elysville-Daniels Company Housing
    Elysville-Daniels Company Housing
Daniels Factory Building ca. 1968
Daniels Factory Building ca. 1968

Daniels, Maryland, was a mill town with its roots as far back as the 1820s. The little town was located on the banks of the Patapsco River just downstream of Granite. In 1831 the townspeople first saw passengers passing through traveling on tracks laid by the newly formed B&O Railroad, the first in the country. By 1915 the mill was producing denim, sheeting, duck, and Oshburgs. Due to changes in mill ownership, the town has also been called Elysville and Alberton. In 1940 the C.R. Daniels company bought the entire village of 500 acres for $65,000. In order to live in the community, the head of the household had to work in the mill. Life in Daniels revolved around the general store, post office, bowling alley, pool hall, library, ball field, restaurant, and three churches—all owned by the mill. Due to financial constraints, mill owners decided to “phase out” the housing for employees in 1965. Although it was not a popular decision, many of the residents of the town probably owe their lives to that decision: on June 21, 1972, Hurricane Agnes struck and washed what remained of Daniels into history. Had the village still been inhabited, most of the folks living there may have been killed. Daniels Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Most of the town is gone today, but certainly not forgotten. It lives as a collection of memories. The Daniels Band helps preserve the heritage of the town, and each year a Daniels reunion is held to share those memories.

Betty Uebel, GHS Board Member